Illuminature (156064)
Physical Illustrated; 63 pages
Copyrighted 2016
Distributor Carnovsky (Firm) (2834)
Publisher Wide Eyed Editions (2835)
Audience Intermediate (I)

Explores ten of the world's most diverse environments with a three-colored lens that illuminates, and offers information on, the diurnal animals, nocturnal animals, and plants of each habitat. Reading level: 8.3. Interest level: 4-6.
Author Williams, Rachel
Dimensions 35 cm.
ISBN 9781847808875
Pub Loc New York, NY
Contents no The Congo Rain Forest -The Simpson Desert -Loch Lomond -The Andes Mountains -Weddell and Ross Seas -The Redwood Forest -East Siberian Taiga -The Serengeti Plains -The Ganges River Basin -The Apo Reef.
Subjects Animals
Environmental education
Call# 590 Wil
Children's/young adult books Children's Library, 5 copies

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