Blueprint for tomorrow: redesigning schools for student-centered learning. (232394)
Copyrighted 2014
Publisher Harvard Education Press (15342)
Audience Adult (A)
Collection Main collection

Nair is one of the world's leading school designers. Well-designed buildings can be a catalyst for pedagogical change. Buildings need to be welcoming (safe, nurturing, encouraging good citizenship), versatile (agile and personalized), support various learning activities (multiple learning settings), and send positive messages about activity, identity and behavior. The design principles go beyond basic functionality to meeting basic human needs of dignity, social well-being, and emotional development.
Author Nair, Prakash
ISBN 9781612507040
Pub Loc Cambridge, MA
Subjects Technology
Classroom Environment
School Facilities—Planning
Call# 372.6 Nai
Professional book Professional Library, 1 copy

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